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Sermons of Hope is an online ministry dedicated to sharing the hope and encouragement that is found in the Bible - the Word of God. It is our goal that your faith in God as a caring and loving heavenly Father will take on a new depth of meaning as facets of His glory, His character, are revealed through our varied resources. It is our desire that these resources will inspire you to seek after the true source of all Hope, the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have selected the sermons and Bible study presentations of J.W. "Bill" Lehman as our featured author and speaker for Sermons of Hope. We believe that God has blessed Bill Lehman with the gift of teaching. He is able to make the truths of the Bible plain and relevant to the challenges we face today. Bill's deepest burden was to present the matchless love of the Father, and His ample provision to supply our deepest soul need through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. "Present Truth" (Bible truth needed for today) is the by-word, and "Christ" is the Center of each study.

It is our desire that you will be blessed as the Lord speaks to your heart through Pastor Lehman's presentations. Although Bill has passed to his rest, his love for Jesus and for studying the Bible still echoes the Father's call: "My son, give Me thine heart . . ." Proverbs 23:26.

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